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I’ve had a bunch of ideas for posts here within the past few days, but do you think I can call one up into the forefront of my cerebral cortex?  Ha!  Not if my life depended upon it.  This gives me a good opportunity to discuss writer’s block.  While this is a rare ailment for me, it does happen and I’ve developed a few ways to deal with it.  One, which I’m doing now, is to start writing.  I write whatever comes into my head, whether it makes sense or not.

(Right now, Young Son is on the upstairs computer recording music to his video camera.  He’s doing it in a wonky way – by playing the music really loud and letting the camera microphone pick up the sound.  The music keeps interrupting my train of thought.)  See how I did that?  If an interior monologue doesn’t present itself as writing material, I make use of exterior events.  That’s another way to break writer’s block.

A third way that I overcome “The Block” is to reread my writing notes or whatever piece I happen to be working on at the moment.  When it comes to my notes, what typically gets me going again is to add to those notes.  As for jump starting an existing piece of writing, this may be weird and I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but I can’t pick up where I left off using a computer.  I actually have to start by handwriting the paragraph or two after where I’ve left off.

If none of that works and I’m blocked because too many thoughts are spinning around in my head and I can’t sort them out, I have to walk away, literally.  If I go for a walk or do some other physical thing, I slip directly into writer’s mode and the prose flows.  I can see and hear the words in my head and rearrange them until they sound good.  Then I’ll repeat a critical phrase or two until I can get back to paper or a computer to write stuff down.  Going for motorcycle rides has given me great training for this memory exercise because it’s impossible to write on the back of a cycle.  The activity produces tons of story ideas, though.

Speaking of motorcycle rides, THAT was one of the blog post ideas I had.  (Wrote myself out of the block, I did.)  Wednesday night, Hubby and I went for a ride with an area group and we all rode to Onamia for supper.  It was my first ride of the season and it was beautiful.  During a normal Minnesota spring, we would have been out before this, closer to the beginning of May, but it’s been too cold.  At one point during the ride, a small deer bolted down a fence line, trying to get away from the noise we were making, but made the mistake of running the same direction we were going, so couldn’t escape.  We were all worried that it would turn and head into the road.  That would not have been pretty.  Deer and cycles don’t mix.