Today we received a packet of information on the French exchange student who will be staying with us for a few weeks this summer.  Daughter signed up (with our permission and assistance, of course) through her French class.  The fun thing about the packet is that our exchange student included photos.  Surprisingly, she looks like she could fit right into our family.  According to the info we were sent, we now need to send our exchange student a letter explaining who we are and include photos as well.  We’ll start with snail mail, but our French student has email, so we’ll be able to send her more photos and info that way.  The info booklet said that European students don’t have the same unlimited access to the internet that Americans do, so we’ll have to keep this in mind.  This whole experience is an adventure for us and I’m pretty sure the few weeks we have our guest will whip by.  Time to brush up on my high school French.