I’m itching to write.  I have an entire backlog of stories waiting to be told.  I’m moving from one writing notebook to another, which happens every time I completely fill a notebook and need to start in on a blank one.  When I do the move, I transfer ideas that I still want to work on from the old and into the new, so they stay at the top of my mind.  Because of the backlog, it’s all getting unwieldy.  I’m having to leave story chunks in previous notebooks and make notes in the new notebook to look back.

In examining what I’ve transferred, I have a good nine solid story ideas, ones to which I’ve given a lot of thought, or perhaps started writing, or about which I’ve made copious notes.  Nine!  Crikey!  At least one of these threatens to become a novel using the general topic of extinction.  (Yeah, I know, I’ve got to narrow that down.)

In order for me to get crackin’ on any one of these ideas, I need to have an uninterrupted period of about two hours.  That’s not too much time and normally I have this on Mondays, however . . . and this is a big HOWEVER . . . I have to finish giving birth to the Greenville series before I can get back to writing fiction.

You might see a contradiction here in that I can manage to get plenty of blog posts written, but blog posts don’t take the same kind of focus that a fictional piece takes.  When I enter fiction, I enter it, becoming part of the world I’m creating, living inside my characters’ heads.  It takes more than a few minutes to do this and with the logistics of getting Greenville out, I’m not in the proper space/time continuum to do it.  This is why successful writers have agents and publishers.  The support structure allows them to maintain room in their heads for their writing projects.  That’s not the path this Jedi has chosen to take, however, so I shall keep plugging away and filling notebooks.