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I haven’t had any Frankensteining the Talent Pool (FtTP) ideas in a while, but one just came to me. Why hasn’t Trent Reznor pulled a Danny Elfman yet? You know, Danny Elfman from the ’80s band Oingo Boingo. He’s got read hair and pointy features that match his last name. After his gig with Oingo Boingo, Elfman went on to writing soundtracks for movies.

After discovering that snatches of Nine Inch Nails’ songs from Ghosts are running through my head, I realized that they are very much like movie scores. Most of NIN’s songs would work well with SciFi movies, what with all the industrial clanks and hisses, but what might be even more interesting is if Trent would write music for a Victorian-style drama, with all of its roses, violets, lace and fairy wings. It’s Trent’s haunting piano that leads me to believe that he could pull this off.