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I’ve done it. I’ve officially registered a Certificate of Assumed Name with Minnesota’s Office of the Secretary of State. I had to because when I start selling books, I’ll be operating a business and I didn’t want to do so under the name Mary Warner Publishing. There are waaaaaay too many Mary Warners in the world. Instead, I decided on Woo Woo Teacup Publishing as my business name. (Wonder why I chose that name. Hmmm. πŸ˜‰ )

Once the certificate is filed and a copy sent back, then it has to be published in two consecutive issues of the legal section of a local newspaper. I paid for my notices this morning. I had called ahead and was told that the notices would be $50-$60 total for both of them. When I had to fork over the dough, suddenly the price was $82.32. Nice, huh? Turns out the local paper decided to add an extra column per page, which makes each article skinnier and longer. They charge length-wise per column inch. What a racket. I wonder when the Secretary of State will get with the program and realize that newspapers are dying and find a way to post the legals on the web. Sheesh.

Here’s another crazy thing. I think the Secretary of State’s Office is sexist. When I got the copy of my certificate back, it was addressed to my husband. While I love and adore my husband, this was irritating because he wasn’t listed on the certificate as an owner. Hubby was also irritated about this for the same reason. I’m not his property, after all. When I called the Secretary of State’s Office to ask what was up, here’s what I was told: It’s our policy to take the name off of the cover letter first, then we take it off the envelope, then we take it off the check (or was it check, then envelope?), and if we don’t have a name from any of those, then we take it off the certificate. Isn’t that ass-backwards? And it’s a bogus explanation, too, because the top name on our checks is mine. If my husband files a Certificate of Assumed Name, are they going to send me his notice? You can bet your buttons they won’t. Exactly when did women get the right to vote? Oh, yeah. 1920. Do you think somebody should tell the Secretary of State’s Office that women can also own businesses without being under the jurisdiction of a man? Fudge anyway!