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I’ve got nothing terribly specific to say, so I’m treating you to a rambling post.

This weekend, we cleaned a bunch of debris out of the yard, along with brush, plus recycling. My husband took one trip to the landfill by himself and I went with for the second trip. We managed to finish this task before it really started raining. By the time we stopped at Wal-Mart to do Mother’s Day shopping, it was pouring. We bought plants and chocolate for all the mothers on our list, then headed home.

I was chilled from the rain and tired from the exertion, so after lunch I tucked myself into bed with Jodi Picoult’s “Second Glance.” If you’re looking for something to read, it’s fabulous. I’m over half-way through and having trouble pulling myself out of it to do other things. It’s a ghost story. I’ve always been attracted to the paranormal, ever since elementary school. One of the first books I remember checking out of our city library was a book on ESP. Though I now consider myself an agnostic and am pretty sure most “paranormal” events can be explained rationally once we have enough information, the whole subject resonates with my core and I can’t explain that. I can ignore the paranormal for a while, but then it comes right back to me.

So, I’m loving “Second Glance.” I started listening to it as an audiobook when the library called and told me I had a book in. Turns out I had ordered it and forgotten. I picked it up anyway. I’ve discovered that it’s difficult for me to listen to an audiobook because I tend to miss things and want to go back, but don’t want to fuss with my iPod to “rewind” it. When I’ve got a book in hand, it’s easy to flip back a page or several and reread. I have also found that I read faster than I can listen to an audiobook. This is no small matter when a book grabs hold of you and demands you snarf through it as fast as you can. Gotta know what happens next! Right now! Obviously, I need more practice with audiobooks. Either that or I have to stick with short stories in audiobook form because I had a great time listening to Neil Gaiman read a collection of his short stories.

And, speaking of Neil Gaiman – he gave some great advice recently about what to do with the second draft of whatever fiction you happen to be writing. It’s at the end of this post.

Tomorrow I won’t be at work. We’ll be heading to the Twin Cities for an important meeting related to Eldest Son. The way I’ve stated it makes it sound like bad news, but it isn’t. It’s all good, but for the sake of his privacy, I’m not going to mention precisely what the meeting is about.