We recycle a lot at home, as much as we possibly can.  Thankfully, our county takes a wide selection of recyclable items – green glass, blue glass, brown glass, clear glass, cardboard – both corrugated & paperboard, newspapers, magazines, office paper & junk mail, scrap metal, used oil, cans, plastic neck bottles.

This last item bugs the bejesus out of me, not because they take plastic neck bottles, but because they ONLY take plastic neck bottles, which means I’m not supposed to put my yogurt containers in the bin because they don’t have a neck.  I sneak a few in anyway and shake my head at the silliness of this.  The plastics are the same, after all, but if it doesn’t have a neck, they’re not willing to take it.  I suppose it’s got something to do with the sorting machinery they use somewhere along the line.  The necks make the containers easier to grab.  Well, for heaven’s sake.  Why not design the process to accept all plastic containers?  Then I wouldn’t have to feel guilty about throwing my non-neck plastic containers in the trash and the next producer down the line would have more material available for use.

This got me to thinking about the kinds of things that should be recycled that we currently throw in the trash.  What can we add to the list of things we already recycle?  Here are my recycling priorities:

1.  Plastic containers other than neck bottles and those with numbers 1 and 2 of plastic content

2.  Styrofoam

3.  Fabric of all kinds (clothing, scrap fabric, etc.)

4.  Disposable batteries

5.  Credit cards/gift cards

6.  CDs

7.  Twist ties

8.  Shoes

What would you add to the list?