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It’s raining.  A cold, bone-invading rain.  Where is spring, golldarnit?!?  I feel like I’m coming down with something, a sore throat at the bare minimum.

I had an interesting day.  There was a meeting out of town that I had to attend for work.  The main topic of discussion was the Latino experience in the United States and how to gather this growing community’s history.  Three people from the Latino community were at the meeting and discussed their experiences and they were fascinating.  Based on the difficulties they’ve had, we have got to find a sensible way to deal with immigration.

In the evening, Hubby and I took Eldest Son and Young Son #2 to dinner and a Taiko drumming event at Hubby’s college.  Daughter was socializing with friends, so she was already occupied.  The Taiko drumming was hypnotic.  Not only was the repetition of sound mesmerizing, but so, too, the movements of the drummers.  I didn’t realize that they used standard maneuvers, like an outstretched arm or synchronized swaying, between beats, but I can understand how these moves keep them in time with one another.

I’d be interested in adopting Taiko drumming as a hobby (drumming + dance moves= FUN!), except for the noise level.  Mid-way through the first song, I knew I was going to be in serious trouble with my hearing if I didn’t do something to plug my ears.  My  ears started ringing almost instantly.  Thankfully I had a napkin in my pocket and I tore off a couple of pieces and shoved them into my ears.  I also covered my ears with my hands.  Together these actions prevented me from having to deal with several days worth of ear ringing.  I wonder if I’ll ever be able to attend another Dave Matthews Band concert or a first Nine Inch Nails concert.  [Sigh.]