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Daughter had her party yesterday and invited a bunch of kids, around twenty.  About half of them made it.  The theme of the party was lime green and silver.  Daughter made a contest of the colors and gave a Dairy Queen gift card to the person who brought the best item to match the theme.  She also planned a scavenger hunt that was a little wonky because of the snow.  Half of the hunt was for items in the house, half for outside.  The brave kids tiptoed around in the snow while looking for the answers.  The winner of the scavenger hunt also got a DQ gift card.

Of course, part of the theme was in the decorating.  There were lime green and silver-ish balloons.  Well, actually, the silver-ish balloons were more pearlescent and contain green and silver confetti.  Daughter found lime green paper plates and napkins and streamers.  Her friends brought her gifts of lime green and silver, wrapped in lime green and silver.  Two of her friends brought her a two-tiered homemade cake, which was decorated in lime green and . . . turquoise (and you thought I’d say silver, but where do you get silver food coloring?).  Two other friends made homemade peanut butter cups and cookies, both colored lime green.

From our end the food had to match the theme, too – at least the cake did.  Daughter chose white cake and white frosting and green food coloring.  The cake mix was left white, but we did put it into silver cupcake papers for baking.  Daughter mixed the food coloring into the frosting.  Here is the result:

Cupcake, lime green, silver.

Daughter’s friends have a thing for gummy bears, so she wanted to add those, even though they didn’t strictly follow the theme.

Cupcakes, lime green and silver with gummy bears.

Here are the ingredients we used, sans the food coloring.  Go easy on the green and add a little yellow in order to get close to lime green.

Cupcake ingredients

As for drinks, at least two of the boxes of pop we bought fit right in – Twist Up (which is like Seven-Up or Sprite) and Canada Dry ginger ale, which the kids kept calling Canada Dry, even though Canada Dry makes more than just ginger ale.

Everyone seemed to have a rousing good time.  Hubby and I basically lurked around, not trying to get in anyone’s way.  We did watch their game of Charades, which was humorous because the kids chose a lot of potty-themed things to act out, which made some of the kids a little embarrassed.

A houseful of teenagers is a joy to behold.