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I have a small set of round Philips speakers for my iPod, which makes my music “system” incredibly portable.  I was using said iPod and speakers while writing in bed this morning and happened to pick up one of the speakers.  Stuck to the bottom was a paper clip and I was amazed.  I wondered why the speakers were magnetic and I went to show my husband.  He said, “All speakers are magnets.  That’s how they work.”  I was like, “Really?  Really?”  How come I didn’t know this?  Hubby also wondered why I didn’t know this.

Time for the rationalization.  A) I didn’t have a physics class in either high school or college, except for the basic physics lessons I got in ninth grade science.  We didn’t cover speakers.  B) I didn’t take speakers apart as a kid, like my husband did, so I have no practical experience with their inner workings.  C) We can’t possibly know everything there is to know about the world, which I think is as good as a rationalization as you’re ever going to get.  At least I found out about the magnetic property of speakers within my lifetime.