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Hubby did it.  He got his license to perform wedding ceremonies.  He is a Reverend in The Universal Church Triumphant of the Apathetic Agnostic, which was born online and primarily exists online, except for when the church’s Reverends decide to go a step further.  Hubby got his certificates of ordination online, but the official who handles these licenses at the courthouse said that online documents weren’t acceptable.  Hubby had to have the real deal.  So, he sent a message to the church’s founder, John Tyrrell, who, for a fee, sent him official documents and a letter of good standing in the church.  With these in hand, Hubby went and got his license.

While this might seem like a joke, it isn’t to Hubby.  He figures that people who are agnostic might want a wedding service performed with their views in mind, rather than going to a justice of the peace or to a church where they don’t accept the articles of faith.

Now that he’s got the license, he’ll need a little time to figure out some ceremonies and logistics before he hangs out his shingle.