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Young Son got his wish.  School closed due to an overabundance of snow.  The museum was also closed, so I didn’t have to go to work.  I’ve been shoveling on and off for a few hours now.  I say on and off because this is the sort of snow that you can’t shovel all in one go.  It’s so heavy that moving it can cause heart attacks, thus I call it Heart Attack Snow.  (I enlisted Eldest Son and Daughter to help.  Young Son shoveled last night.  Husband had to go to college today.  Not too many people made it to class.  Go figure.)

You know how the Eskimos are supposed to have a gazillion names for snow?  We Minnesotans have lots of names for snow, too, only we just use a descriptor and tag ‘snow’ onto the end.  Heart Attack Snow, Brown Sugar Snow, Gnat Snow, Plow Snow, etc. etc.

Anyway, I have pictures:

Where\'s the sidewalk?

Hey, where’s the sidewalk?

There\'s the sidewalk.

Thirty minutes later . . . oh!  There it is.

The car in the snow

Here’s the car, buried up to the wheel wells.  The plow came by after this and left a giant pile of Plow Snow behind the car.  I managed to get out, but there’s a mess in the street.

Tree with snow

Check out the snow stuck to this tree.  One of the features of last night’s blizzard was the strong wind.  It’s still windy today.  As the snow was falling, it was being whipped at things by the wind and it was so sticky that it stuck.  All of our trees have snow stuck to their north sides.  I’d say we got about a foot of snow out of this storm, but we’re Minnesotans, so we’ll be dug out by this evening.