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We’ve got the Mother of All Blizzards happening right now in central Minnesota. It started around 4 p.m. this afternoon, practically with the snap of a finger. It wasn’t snowing and then it was. It’s slushy and heavy and coming down fast. Coupled with a wicked, whippy wind and an expected snowfall of about a foot and you can see that we’re in for a big mess. Young Son is praying that school will be canceled tomorrow, but we probably won’t know that until morning.

[Sigh.] If only we had weatherman Paul Douglas to lead us through this weather event. But we don’t. He was fired this past week from WCCO television in the Twin Cities. While this may seem like no big deal to those outside of Minnesota, it’s a huge deal for those of us who live here and watched him regularly. The thing you’ve got to understand about Douglas is that he had the ability to make teenage girls swoon. That’s not a typical trait in a weatherman. One of the girls in my neighborhood while growing up would rush home from school so she didn’t miss his weather cast. One of my daughter’s friends cherishes his autograph.

Douglas was fired through no fault of his own. WCCO is a CBS affiliate and CBS is whacking its budget. Rumor has it that some of the budget problems have been caused by Katie Couric’s sizable salary. Let me tell you, if I’d had a choice, I’d have cut Katie and kept Paul. After all, Katie’s no Paul Douglas. Now who’s going to get us through this blizzard?

Update 4/11/2008:  The web is abuzz with speculation that Katie Couric will be leaving the CBS News.  (My daughter wonders if we can have “P. Dizzle” back now.)

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[Addendum: 2/14/2009 – Got some inside scoop on the firing of Paul Douglas through MinnPost today, via Paul Douglas himself. WCCO wasn’t playing nice, according to Douglas.)