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My friend Soloist has been urging me to listen to audiobooks.  She’s burned through a ton of them while doing housework.  She also listens to them when she goes to bed at night, frequently falling asleep while a book is playing only to wake up quite a stretch into the book and having to backtrack.  Well, I finally took the plunge and listened to Neil Gaiman’s “The Wolves in the Walls” over the weekend.  It was fabulous.  Neil reads his own audiobooks and does a marvelous job.  “The Wolves in the Walls” has a melodic quality to it and Neil’s voice really does it justice.  He credits his elocution teacher, Miss Webster, with his reading ability.  I have to wonder if his experience in a band has had anything to do with both his story writing and his presentation abilities.

Now that I’ve had a taste of the audiobook experience, I’m eager to try more.  With this kind of accessibility to good literature, I wonder whether nursing homes have ever considered getting a subscription to Audible so that their patients could keep their minds occupied.