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We’re getting closer to fixing our internet connectivity problems.  We had to place a couple of calls to Charter Communications, which provides our cable internet service.  Seems the wonkiness of last week was due to their system not communicating properly with our modem.  Got that fixed using my computer, but then we tried the other laptops and found they still couldn’t connect to the internet, even though we were using an ethernet cable and connecting them directly to the modem.

Another call to Charter helped us figure out that problem.  I think that when we disconnect one of the laptops from the ethernet and hook up another one, we lose the IP address the first laptop was using and then we have to repair the connection for the next laptop.  Now that we have that process down, I have to reconfigure our router, so that we can all use the internet at the same time, rather than taking turns with the ethernet cord.

The two guys at Charter who walked me through my issues were polite and patient, but I did find the end of these calls to be humorous.  Both of them tried to pitch me on getting Charter for our phone service.  Charter has been hard selling this for months now, maybe even a year.  The company wants all of our communications dollars, by golly, and it wants them now.  We’ve received countless pieces in the mail, endless emails, and even people from Charter at our door trying to sell us on the phone service.  Our little internet problem over the past week is one of the reasons why we won’t switch.  If Charter’s service goes out, we’re screwed.  We won’t have any way to call the company to get things fixed.  (That’s why the pitch at the end of the tech call was funny.)

Another reason we won’t switch is that we have a rockin’ cool long distance carrier – Credo, formerly known as Working Assets Long Distance.  It’s a socially responsible phone company that brings us two political issues every month with our phone bill, so we can see what’s going on in Congress.  Credo allows us to make free calls to our legislators, or we can pay a minimal cost for Citizen Letters on the featured issues.  We are also able to round up our phone bill – to the nearest dollar, or whatever amount we choose – and those donations go to a list of worthy social justice nonprofit organizations each year.

We like Credo so much that we’ve had the service for over ten years, which is an eternity in the world of phone service.