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Young Son #2 has the most fascinating personality.  He’s vivacious and physical, isn’t afraid to talk to people or ask for what he wants, is quick-witted and loves jokes, is naturally musical and dramatic.  Aside from all of this, he has some interesting quirks.  I won’t go into all of them, but here are three.  He can’t tolerate the sound of a pencil writing on paper.  Pens aren’t a problem, so he’ll pick one of these, preferably erasable, over a pencil if given a choice.  He doesn’t like the feel of certain kinds of paper, mostly cheap newsprint sorts of paper.   Finally, he can’t stand the number 9.

Whoa!  He can’t stand the number 9?  That’s more than interesting.  I’ve asked him what it is about the number 9 that he doesn’t like – is it the shape?  is it the sound? – and he can’t articulate it.  He just doesn’t like it and that’s all there is to it.  If he’s reading a book and he’s on any page that has a 9 in the page number, he tries to read it quickly so he can get off the page.  Same goes for chapters with the number 9.

Young Son is sensitive, which makes me think of Nikola Tesla’s super acute hearing.  (Tesla could hear a fly scratching its legs together from across a room.)   Young Son’s trouble with the number 9 also brings to mind brain phenomena such as synesthesia, where a person’s senses get mixed together.  I know a woman who is an artist and a synestete.  When she sees colors, she hears sounds.  Whatever the cause, Young Son’s 9 issue is curious and I wonder who else out there might have the same quirk.