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The robins are back in central Minnesota.  While driving my mom to the nursing home to see Grandma, we saw flocks of them in and along the streets.  Why didn’t any of them bother to check the forecast for today?  We’re getting snow, anywhere from 3 to 7 inches, or so I’ve heard.  Make no mistake about it, it’s snowing outside and it’s sloppy.  We’ll have to wait and see on the final amount.  I hope the robins get their wits about them and find some shelter.

I’ve been fussing around as far as writing today.  I spent the morning going through my current writing notebook pulling out all references to a particular story idea, rewriting them all together in a new notebook.  When I have a big idea, one that I think will lead to a book-length manuscript, I do this, devoting a notebook or two to that one idea.  Otherwise I have to page through my general notebook finding references to the idea.  This makes me nuts.  There was more material to transfer than I expected, which was a nice discovery.  Transferring the notes also got my brain warmed up and thinking along new lines.  There’s still quite a bit of background work I have to do before I bring any characters together on the page.

This afternoon, I edited the fourth story in my Greenville series.  Part of the story deals with the second Boer War.  It was the one topic I covered in my book that I was not comfortable with, not having any direct experience with South Africa.  My husband and I recently met a man who was born and grew up in South Africa, so I sent him the story and he kindly gave me advice on points that needed fixing.  I was pleased that all of his suggestions were about clarifying fine details, rather than giant errors in my historical research.

Now, I’m online (obviously) and doing my typical online things, like checking email, blogging, and reading the news and other blogs.  I avoided turning on the computer this morning because I didn’t want to fritter away my time online, which happens more easily than I care to admit.  By saving my online time for later in the day, I get a real sense of accomplishment.