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Reeva Dubois suggested I post pictures of my yarn stash, so in Reeva’s honor, here goes . . .

Yarn stash 1

This storage container is a 20 gallon size and it’s stuffed almost to bursting.  The bag you see behind it is part of the stash.  I also removed a couple of bags of filling.  As you can see, I tend to bag yarns together – mostly those of the same type or that were used on the same project.  This bucket isn’t the end of my stash, though.  Here’s more:

Yarn stash 2

This part of my stash is newer stuff that I’ve gotten or received (including the skein from Devin).  It’s what I plan to use in the “near” future, once I figure out what I want to make.  I keep this handy in a couple of tote bags, whereas the stuff in the bin is a little harder to get to.

There you have it, my yarn stash.  I’m sure it doesn’t touch what other yarn-oholics have, but I enjoy it.