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Yesterday, Daughter called me at work, frustrated that she couldn’t get my old computer hooked up to the internet.  She had done a bunch of her own troubleshooting.  (“What’s that word?” she asked.)  She had tried connecting several times, checked to make sure the wi-fi plug-in was plugged in, shut down the computer and restarted it – the whole rigmarole – with no result.  I told her I’d check it out when I got home.  By the time I got home, she was on to other things and didn’t need the computer.  When she tried to hook up to the internet later in the evening, presto!  No problem.

When I came home from work this afternoon, Husband couldn’t hook up to the internet using his laptop.  Loads of troubleshooting, along the lines of Daughter’s attempts, resulted in loads of cussing (and he won’t mind my saying so), but no hook-up.  The strange thing was that both my old computer and Eldest Son’s laptops were both connected to the internet at the very time Hubby couldn’t get connected.  We were able to rule out a problem from our service provider’s end.  Finally, while checking to see if I could turn off Hubby’s virus protection (thinking it was blocking the connection for some reason), the wi-fi connection came on of its own accord.  Strange.

I decided to jump online after Hubby’s issue, thinking it was some glitch in his computer and lo!  My laptop wouldn’t make the wi-fi connection.  More troubleshooting, a little cussing, a lot of frustration, and toying with the idea of a system restore, I decided I’d try a virus scan instead.  As it was doing its little scan dance, suddenly the computer connected to the internet, once again of its own accord.  What is it with technology?  Gah!