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Yesterday, a woman named Caroline left a comment on my blog.  Being blog neighborly, I stopped in over at her blog, The Confessions of Caroline, and was utterly amazed.  I started with her last post first, because that’s the way blogs are set up, and after reading one post, I began at the first post and read forward.  Caroline’s story is so compelling that I couldn’t stop reading until I came to the end.

What strikes me as unusual about her blog is the cohesiveness of her narrative, and I told her this in a comment.  Most of the blogs I’ve followed, including mine, jackrabbit around, hopping from topic to topic from one day to the next.  (I’m not counting those blasted advertising/spam blogs in this assessment.)  It isn’t until you’ve read a blog for a while that you start to see the patterns that make up an individual blogger’s life.  Not so with Caroline.  Aside from her constancy, she is a gifted writer.

Because Caroline started her blog in February of this year and has only made 17 posts, if you pop on over, you can read the whole thing in less than an hour.  It’s gripping stuff, I tell you.