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I love WordPress. Have I said that before? I’m pretty sure I have. The statistics are positively addictive. A fun feature of the stats page, other than seeing how many readers have visited each day, is seeing what search terms people used that brought them to my site. I thought I’d share the terms people used yesterday and today to find The Woo Woo Teacup Journal.  My comments about some of the terms will be in parentheses next to the term.


woo woo teacup journal (well, duh!  at least it’s a memorable name!)

teacup wrapping paper (anything with teacup in the search term tends to bring people here)

teacup shoes

woo woo culture (as with teacup, so with “woo woo”)

itching in my cervix cancer (remember my post on itching and how it could be a sign of cancer?)

teacups kids song

flour baby (Young Son’s sex ed class assignment – one he hated passionately – we have the flour on the grass next to our sidewalk to prove it)

trent reznor (okay, I’m not the only one obsessed with NIN’s music)

david wolman “yeah i’m autistic” (Wired magazine article I talked about)

yeah, i’m autistic. you got a problem wi (ditto)

Today’s Search Terms:

random sestina generator (my sestinas get quite a few hits)

terrain ahead woop woop pull up (I can’t for the life of me explain this one)

massive member exercises (this probably brought the searcher to the post “A Massive Exercise in Perpetual Frustration“)
crazy teacup (yeah, yeah – I know I’m a crazy teacup)

enya nine inch nails (!!!! Why, that’s one of my Frankensteining the Talent Pool ideas!!!  Great minds think alike.)

dave matthew’s band some devil (mentioned this recently)

U2 (and this too)

free pencils (the post that won’t die – probably my most read post – and it’s not really about free pencils)
wonder twins theme (wrote about this once)

link:dictionary.reference.com (I don’t get this one, either. Unless it’s because I have a link to Dictionary.com in my blogroll.)


Interesting list, isn’t it?  The next question is what were people thinking when they searched for these particular things, followed closely by did they find what they were looking for when they came to my site?  I hope so.