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It reached 50 degrees Fahrenheit today in Minnesota, which means it’s officially spring.  This after an especially long spell of really cold weather, which is unusual for our late winter season.  It’s a welcome relief.  I didn’t need a hat, or gloves, or jacket.  I wore my Polar Fleece overalls home from work and it was so beautiful that I took a short walk when I got home.

The sound of running water filled the air.  Leftover snow on roofs was gushing to the ground.  Snow became instantaneous slush and then melted to water around the edges.  From there, it made its way to blocked storm water drains.   There are puddles everywhere, including a lake-sized one in the dip of our sidewalk.  We have to do a little ballet around it in order to avoid soaked shoes.

On the first day of “warm” weather in Minnesota, you can observe a curious phenomenon.  Suddenly, everyone reappears – the joggers, the walkers, everyone – from hiding.  We get stir crazy after having been cooped up for months, so as soon as that thermometer reaches the mid-40s, we flood the streets just like snow melt.  It’s a wonderful sight and an even better feeling.  Fresh air and warmth!