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After several posts teasing fans about something big coming, Nine Inch Nails released a new album:  Ghosts I-IV.  The album is available for free as a download from NIN’s website – or will be once NIN gets all the servers back up and running.  There was such an overwhelming response to the release that the servers couldn’t keep up and NIN had to pull the site down temporarily in order to get it working properly.  It is down now, as I write this.  However, NIN has several options for people to get at least part of the album, which has 36 tracks.  Ghosts I is available as a compressed zip file (which I am downloading) or through The Pirate Bay.  The whole album is available for $5 on Amazon.com.

Before the site went down, I was able to listen to one of the songs (good stuff) and read some info on the album.  What’s amazing about the album is that NIN has released it under a Creative Commons license – the same one I have on this blog.  That means that people can share the album at will as long as they attribute it to NIN and they use it in non-commercial ways.

Along with the new album, NIN has redesigned part of its website.  The home page is more cohesive and better looking than it used to be.

I’ve finished downloading the zip file of Ghosts I.  With the music came a file of 40 stunning photos that accompany the album.  The photos are also available in wallpaper files with the download.  Trent Reznor really understands and lives the ideas Chris Anderson is espousing in his current article in Wired magazine:  “Free!”