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Over the weekend, Hubby and I watched two movies – The Darjeeling Limited and Keeping Mum.  Both were good, but of the two, I’d recommend Keeping Mum over The Darjeeling Limited.  (The first two links are for the official movie sites; the second two are for the Internet Movie Database listings.)

The Darjeeling Limited is about three brothers who have been adrift from one another and decide to take a train trip across India in order to get reconnected.  The scenery is fabulous and the accommodations on the train are fascinating.  The three brothers are played by Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody, and Jason Schwartzman, all of whom do a fine job of inhabiting their characters.  There were a couple of spots in the movie where I looked at the clock and wondered how far along the movie was, so I know that my attention lagged a little, but otherwise is was worth watching.

Keeping Mum is one of those films you never hear about, but you find them while poking around in the video store.  Hubby and I enjoy quirky stories and this one is quirky.  It stars Rowan Atkinson as a Vicar in the tiny town of Little Wallop (population 57 – with an ENORMOUS church).  The Vicar is so busy with his church, especially the woman who wants to discuss the flower arranging committee, that he doesn’t pay attention to the fact that his family is falling apart.  His wife in the movie is played by Kristin Scott Thomas, who really drives the story.  She is having a dalliance with her golf instructor Lance, who is played by Patrick Swayze.  Swayze does a brilliant job in playing a creep.  Into this situation arrives Grace, a new housekeeper, who is played by Maggie Smith.  Grace has a habit of knocking off anyone who gets in her way and asking if anyone would like some tea.  The contrast between her sweet personality and her bad habit is hilarious to watch.