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I’ve been tagged by Devin of the Evil Tuesday blog.  She tagged me a week ago, but I didn’t catch it until after I had received the skein of yarn she dyed for me.  The meme she is tagging me for is a 7 random things meme, which means I simply have to list 7 random things about myself.  While this may seem easy, by the time you’ve blogged as long as I have – a year and a half – you start to wonder if there’s anything random left to say.  So, here goes.  My desk area is my inspiration, if only because that’s where I’m sitting.

1.  I love the dictionary and the thesaurus.  I prefer the paper ones over the internet version because all the words are right there.  You don’t have to think one up first and type it into the search engine.  You can select from the words in a printed dictionary or thesaurus like you select from food at a buffet.

2.  I took French in high school and Italian in college.  My daughter is now taking French from the same teacher I had and she’s loving it.  Her in-class French name is Brigette.  Mine was Claire, which Daughter thought was utterly lame because it is in common use in the English language.

3.  Young Son is playing an X-Box 360 game called Bioshock behind me while I’m posting this.

4.  I have a postcard from Powell’s Books in Portland, Oregon, on my desk.  It came from one of my writer friends in 2005.  Powell’s rocks.

5.  I need new tennis shoes.  I’ve needed them for a couple of months now.  I have two pair, one brown, one pink, that are wearing out, but I can’t seem to find a pair that both looks cool and feels right on my feet.  My feet are super skinny, so my heels pop out of shoes that are too wide.

6.  I have an empty toothpaste box on my desk, which I used to write this post.  Daughter just walked by and said, “You have an empty toothpaste box on your desk,” meaning that I should post about that, so the girl and I are trading psychic vibes.

7.  I collect fortune cookie fortunes, which I keep in a little box woven out of some plant that comes from Hawaii.  I keep them as inspiration for writing and art.  We had Chinese food last night and I got the bossiest fortune.  It said, “You are capable, competent, creative, careful.  Prove it.”  Well!  Okay then.

Now it’s time to tag people.  I guess 7 is the magic number.  Ali, Daughter, Erin, Rianna, Joanne, Reeva, and Soloist – you’re it!