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Much has happened in the past couple of days, grasshoppers, so it’s time for an update.

Yesterday, just as I was ready to leave work, I got a call from Dear Hubby. He was on his way home from school, 10-15 miles from home and the car stopped working. While he was driving. Professional driver that he is, he quickly pulled off the highway, so he wouldn’t be creamed by a passing motorist. Thankfully, he had the cell phone and called me. We’ve dealt with enough car troubles in the past that neither one of us was particularly upset. We immediately went into solution mode. Our friend Soloist lives in the town he had just passed, so I told him to call her. I figured she would give him a good recommendation for a local garage. Not only did she do that, but she gave Hubby extra special treatment. She sent her son to pick him up, the car was dealt with, and he hung out at her house while I was making arrangements to pick him up.

Meanwhile, back on my end, I had a few things to do before leaving town. I’ve been using the old car, which needs new front tires and has a coolant leak. I’ve been meaning to get the car repaired so that I’d feel comfortable taking it out of town. I dashed to our local garage and made an appointment for next week. Then I ran home, apprised the kids of the situation, and called the in-laws so I could borrow their car. You see, it wasn’t a simple case of just retrieving Hubby. We were heading back to his college to hear Matthew Shepard‘s mom Judy speak. As if that weren’t enough to deal with, I got a call from the library saying an item was in for me. I grabbed the tickets for the speech, kissed the kids, ran to the library (3 minutes in the library was all it took), dashed over to the in-laws to get the car, and headed to Soloist’s house.

We had intended to eat at home prior to the speech, but our plans changed right quick. Soloist invited us to a local place for buck burgers. We and she and her son had a pleasant time dining. We were surprised to find that the buck burgers were ginormous for buck burgers and none of us could finish our food.

From there, we drove to the college and made it to the auditorium just as it was supposed to start. There were so many people that Judy didn’t start for another 15 minutes. She’s a wonderful speaker and it was difficult to keep dry eyes for the entire presentation. During the Q&A, one guy got up and sang her a song. It was Judy’s turn to lose her dry eyes.

In the middle of all of this activity, I got a package in the mail. I puzzled over it before opening it because I hadn’t ordered anything and wasn’t expecting anything from Minneapolis. I looked and looked at the package, waiting for something to come to me, jog my memory. Then it hit. This was the hand-dyed yarn that Kim’s friend Devin had made for me for participating in her lamb-naming contest. (Kim authors the blog, Knit Whimsies). The yarn is beautiful. I love the colors, especially the little bit of green that shows up in the field of red. Devin also threw in a treat – Moose Munch Confection. Here’s a picture (click to see larger view):

Hand dyed yarn, Moose Munch

Okay, I’ve got to wrap this up because I’ve got more going on this evening.

So, today. I had my appointment to rule out cervical cancer. The doctor took a bit of skin to test, so I won’t know for a little while. I got to work mid-way through the day, what with the craziness of not having one car available. We found out that the car that stopped working needs a new timing belt and it won’t cost nearly as much as we thought it would.

Hubby had to pick me up from work and I wanted to get a blog post in before Soloist and I meet for our weekly writing discussion. And I still have dinner to make. My fingers are flying as much as my head. TTFN!

(I’ll try to provide links later.) (Links provided 2/28/2008.)