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We are missing spoons in this household.  Teaspoons.  The perfect size for eating cereal.  While I hadn’t counted the motley assortment of spoons in our utensil drawer, the size of the pile has definitely diminished.  My other clue is that when the remaining spoons are put into the dishwasher, they no longer take up all the space our full compliment of spoons used to.  Yes, spoons have gone missing.  How many is anyone’s guess.

Where could they be?  The living room, dining room, front entry, bathrooms and basement are spoon free, as is the upstairs hallway/office.  The children deny having any spoons in their bedrooms and there sure aren’t any in our bedroom.  Could the dishwasher be swallowing them?  Maybe the cats are the culprits, stealing spoons for their own devious shenanigans while we are gone from the house.  I’m not sure how they’re managing this without opposable thumbs, but they’re smart, so I can’t put it past them.

It’s a mystery and at this moment, the case is unsolved.

Meanwhile, in other utensil news, have you ever noticed that spoons are sexier than forks?  They’re more shapely and approachable.  Even the word ‘spoon’ is sexier, what with that ‘s’ and ‘oo’.   I know, I know.  The word ‘fork’ is similar to another four-letter ‘f’ word and could even stand in for that word in a pinch, but a spoon is more romantic on the whole.  And the knives?  While considering the relative sexiness of silverware, I didn’t get around to the knives.  Sorry, you’ll have to follow that line of thought yourself.