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We went to my in-laws’ house yesterday evening.  My husband’s sister and her family were there, too.  While visiting, we watched the 50th Grammy Awards.  What an utterly, astonishingly, stupendously underwhelming experience that was.  There were so many mediocre performances smashed together that I began to wonder where the awards were.  For the few awards actually presented, it appeared that they gave the award winners maybe 30 seconds to speak and then cut them off with music.  Kanye West had the good sense to tell the musical timekeeper (was it live or recorded?) to knock it off.

The funny thing about the program was the running commentary kept up by my daughter and my niece.  They were witheringly honest about how ugly the outfits were and how bad the performances were.  I told them they could do a program called Mystery Grammy Theater, a spoof on the old Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K in geek speak).  (Did you know MST3K was produced in Minnesota?  Neither did I, ’til I read the fact sheet.)

Did all the women at this year’s Grammy Awards call each other up ahead of time and say, “Let’s pick unflattering outfits to wear”?  They were outdoing each other in awfulness.  Rihanna looked like she was wearing a sheaf of wheat held on by a corset.  And we all thought Bjork’s swan outfit was bad.

My niece sort of liked Kanye’s performance, but only because it was awkward, which made it seem different to her.  And what was up with that tail he was sporting?

The highlights of the evening, in my opinion, were the Cirque du Soleil and Rhapsody in Blue performances, along with the appearance of Prince and Maurice Day and the Time, the latter primarily because they’re from Minnesota, thus proving that Minnesotans can be cool for more than just our weather.