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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I have already eaten two boxes of Necco candy hearts. I’ll probably have another before the season is over. When I score a box for myself, I also get a box for each of my family members, Hubby, Eldest Son, Daughter and Young Son. Upon giving Daughter her second box, she said, “Why’d you get me another one?” as if only one box was supposed to be enough. As if. (The answer to her question is a giant duh. Because I love you, darling Daughter.)

As I was enjoying my second box of hearts, I thought about holiday candy. I’ve noticed that each holiday has at least one candy associated with it that I can’t live without. You know my Valentine’s weakness. For Easter, it’s jelly beans, the fruity ones, not the mint ones. (Yuck! Who thought mint jelly beans were a good idea? Although I do love licorice, which isn’t mint, but is just as strong. The rest of my family won’t touch licorice jelly beans and I’m like, “Pass ’em over!” I could seriously develop a Good & Plenty habit like the Tic Tac habit my friend has. She knows who she is.)

Also for Easter, I have to have at least one bitter, marshmallow-y Peep. Doesn’t matter which color – they all taste the same to me. Sometimes I can eat two, but I can’t usually go beyond that.

I don’t associate particular candies with the spring/summer holidays of Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or July 4th. Candy manufacturers are really missing the boat there.

For Halloween, I’ve got to have at least a handful of candy corn or those little pumpkin bombs, even though I don’t care for either. Candy corn has to be bitten off one stripe at a time. After a handful of candy corn, I’m ready to gag. Then I reach for the Smarties or SweetTarts or Bottle Caps.

Christmas has a ton of candy associated with it. Chocolate covered cherries used to be my thing for the season, but the quality seems to have gone down in the past few years. Or maybe my taste buds have changed. Candy canes are a must, especially fruit flavored ones. A peppermint one here and there is fine, too. I also love raspberry hard candies, the ones that look like raspberries and have a little goo inside. And then there’s ribbon candy. Oh, and chocolate covered sponge candy is growing on me, too.

Now that you’ve seen how my sweet tooth functions from holiday to holiday, tell me, what kinds of candy must you have for the holidays?