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It’s snowing today in central Minnesota.  Light, but wet.  Just a skim coating to freshen the old snow.  Fun to drive in if you don’t mind sliding all over the road.

While Mother Nature decides to send snow our way, I’ve been busy writing.  Well, it’s been more of an editing day for me.  I had already done a read-through of the hard copy of my Greenville stories and made editing notations.  Today I made changes on my computer versions of the first four stories.  I read the stories aloud as I edited because that allows me to catch minor errors I might otherwise miss.  It also shows me spots where the language is awkward, or where I automatically change words from the original.  (Do you know how hard it is to read a word like “incredulity”?)  If I read different words from what I have on the page, then I know I should edit to whatever seems more natural for reading.

Prior to editing, when I first awoke, I jotted a bunch of notes for a new story I’m working on.  It’s the same one I described in this post.  Apparently I wasn’t as close to the verge as I thought I was.  Something about Nine Inch Nails’ “In This Twilight” was making me feel that way – perhaps it was an emotional resonance – but I’m not any closer to a cohesive story.  All I’ve got are lots of ideas that I’ve got to try to pull together in a sensible way.  Rather than leave them disconnected and ephemeral, I made notes on what I am trying to connect.  It’s still a puzzle, but at least most of the pieces are on the table.  My mind is going to have to work on this for a while.

Meanwhile, another story is trying to take shape.  At least for this one, I have the main character’s name.  This is an essential part of any story for me.  If I don’t have the right name, I find it difficult to start a story because the character isn’t clear enough.  My baby name book is a blessing for this task.