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Today, as part of Young Son’s sex-ed curriculum, he started carrying a flour baby.  This exercise is meant to show teens that they don’t want to be saddled with the responsibility of caring for a baby by making them lug around a 5 lb. bag of flour for four days.  Young Son got the point tonight (he’s a quick learner) when he realized that school has been called off tomorrow due to expected extreme cold.  With the flour baby, he said he’s not free to do whatever he wants.

I’ve always thought the flour sack exercise was a little inane.  It doesn’t cry; it doesn’t poop; it doesn’t eat; it doesn’t wiggle around when you have to change its clothes; it doesn’t scream when you take it out into the cold without a hat; it doesn’t spit up on you in volumes that make you have to change your clothes.  It also doesn’t smile and coo and gurgle and warm your heart so much that you’ll do anything for it.  I think teens would be better served by helping out in a daycare for a few hours.  Of course the legal ramifications of such a scenario would be unmanageable.  Flour sack babies are ideal in this regard.  They don’t have parents who’ll sue the school district if they are dropped.