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I’ve just returned from taking Mom to the nursing home to visit Grandma.  As soon as I stepped out of my front door, I said to myself, “It’s really nice out.”  That’s a stock Minnesota phrase, usually uttered when we’ve had a cold spell that snaps into a warm spell – warm being a relative term.  Today it’s got to be about 40 degrees Fahrenheit outside.  Definitely warm when you consider we’ve gone through about a week’s worth of below-zero days.  If this keeps up, there will be Minnesotans running around in shirt-sleeves.

The weather forecast told us to expect freezing rain and slippery roads, but so far its partly sunny and nothing is falling from the sky.  I’m not sure why Minnesotans actually listen to the weather forecast because it’s usually wrong.  Our weather is downright bi-polar, swinging between 20-below and 100-above within the course of a year.  Maybe we like to root for the underdog, and with our weather, the weather forecasters are so far under that we’d be better served to call them weather moles.