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I purchased my first songs off iTunes today.  Everything was going fine – I found the songs I wanted:  Moby’s “Very,” Dave Matthews Band’s “The Song That Jane Likes,” the Nine Inch Nails album “With Teeth,” plus two of the band’s songs from Year Zero, and the INXS song “Johnson’s Aeroplane.”  Got them all downloaded to the computer.  Zip, zip.

And then the whole process suddenly fell apart.  I went to sync the songs, to put them on my iPod, and got this message that they wouldn’t sync because the computer I was using wasn’t authorized to play the songs I just purchased.  What, what,WHAT!!!!  I spent $15 to have you tell me my computer won’t let me play these songs?!?!  I went from zero to sixty in terms of calm to anger in the space of seconds.  Looking for a solution, especially on the unhelpful iTunes/iPod help page, was not happening.

My daughter looked on serenely as I started cussing.  It was time to go pick up Young Son from a class, so she said, “Mom, why don’t you let me figure this out while you go pick him up?”  In the minutes it took for me to get on my coat and boots, she had it all fixed and I felt utterly retarded.

Next time I have an issue with my iPod, I’ll just hand it over to Daughter and bypass the zero-to-sixty anger.  (Like right now.  My Moby song won’t play.  Crimeny!  Give me a CD and CD player!)