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We all have them.  Things we can’t let go of.  Call them passions on a good day, but in all honesty, they’re obsessions.  Some are minor eddies that we explore as they come up.  Others are full-blown whirlpools that suck us down.  When caught in one of these, it’s best to hold your breath and keep your eyes open as you’re being pulled to the bottom.  No sense in letting it dash you apart on a stray rock.

I’ve cycled through many eddies and whirlpools of obsession in my life, including drawing; fiber arts (I dare you to find one I haven’t tried); astrology; natural medicine; dream interpretation; self-help books (I let this go when I realized they made me feel worse about myself); searching for signs from the Universe (a particularly mind-bending exercise); Christopher Moore books, Neil Gaiman books, darned near any book, really; writing; human creativity; and quite a number of musical acts, including Duran Duran, Ultravox, U2, and Dave Matthews Band.  I’ve barely scratched the surface of the obsessions I’ve catered to in my life.

But, enough about me!  Now it’s time for a meme.  List five things you’ve been obsessed with in your life (not including family and friends) and one way in which one of your obsessions left you embarrassed.  (I read once that the things you love choose you,  so don’t be too embarrassed about either your obsessions or any embarrassment caused by your obsessions.  It’s not completely your fault. 😉 )

Okay, back to me, fulfilling the meme I’ve just created.

5 Obsessions (Don’t bother throwing a rope while these suck me into the vortex.  I’ll surface on my own when I’m done exploring.)

1.  Entropy

2.  Copyright law

3.  Alternate reality games

4.  NIN’s music

5.  Capturing the essence of music in my fiction

One embarrassment caused by an obsession:  While I was in high school and caught in my Duran Duran obsession, I entered a contest sponsored by the band in which fans could ask for something from the band.  I asked for Simon LeBon’s fedora and his accent.  Sheesh!

Now it’s time for tagging.  I’m gonna tag a bunch of you, both bloggers and non-bloggers.  Non-bloggers can leave their answers in the comment section.  I’ll let you bloggers decide how many people you want to tag.

You’re It! – Kim, Joanne, Ryan, Erin, Manoj, Jody, Alice, Rianna, A.K., and O.W.