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I woke this morning with a feeling of impatience, the sort of impatience a pregnant woman experiences when her baby is due and decides to enter the world two weeks late. (Been there, done that.) I’m on the verge of a writing idea, one that’s been in the works for a while. It’s trying to make its way into the world, but isn’t quite ready. Consequently, it left me edgy and breathless all day.

Several things are attempting to coalesce, with the genesis of this potential story being Dave Matthews’ song “Dodo,” mixed with ideas from the books “The Sixth Extinction” and “1491.” The process of entropy, the History Channel show “Life After People,” and various articles on extinction I’ve found online are contributing factors. What seems to have me really close to being struck by lightning is the song “In This Twilight” by Nine Inch Nails. I’m so close that the hairs are raising at the back of my neck, but still, nothing. ARRRGH!

When I get to feeling this way, the best thing I can do is walk, and not some mince-y, prissy walk, either. I’ve got to take long strides and deep breaths. Sometimes that forces the idea into the open. I didn’ t get that walk, although I tried. The wind was too cold, but the real problem was the ice on the roads. It made the long strides impossible. [Sigh.] More waiting.