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Remember how I mentioned that snippets of my blog posts sometimes end up on silo filler blogs?  Blogs with no other apparent reason than for displaying ads?  Well, those blogs are called, what else, spam blogs.  Wired magazine has an info-graphic called “The Secret Life of a Blog Post” in its current issue (February 2008).  I’d link to the graphic if I could, but it appears to be the one thing in the current issue that there isn’t a link for.  Of all the myriad things that happen once you post to your blog, one possibility is that your post may get “scraped” and “dumped willy-nilly into spam blogs, which rely on random keywords to get a high page ranking on search engines.  When readers go to these blogs and click on or view text ads, the splogger collects a bounty.”  (pg. 133, Wired, Feb. 2008)

I’ve looked at these spam blogs through my statistics program on WordPress and let me tell you, there is nothing interesting to see on them.  They’re just a load of ad links.  Why, when there are a gazillion and one content-rich blogs online, would I want to spend my time perusing spam blogs?  How can they possibly get a high page ranking or generate enough clicks to make any money?  Ah, the vagaries of online commerce!  There’s so much I still have to learn.