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This is my very short version of a filibuster.  No time for a decent blog post tonight.  Going to visit my writer friend, who lost part of the novel she was working on through a technology SNAFU.  While things aren’t as bad as she originally thought, there are pieces of her book that she will never recover.  It’s every writer’s worst nightmare and why I have about five backups of my Greenville series – one hard copy, one copy on my hard drive, two flash drive backups, plus email backups.  (Call me both anal and paranoid – I can take it.)  In addition, if I got really desperate, I could talk to my co-worker, who’s been saving the copies I give her to review.  Okay, that’s six backups.  Sorry, I can’t add.

End of filibuster.  Gotta fix supper.  Catch you later.